Magazine Rates

Printing: Offset

Binding: Saddle stitched

Paper: Cover - 80lb enamel; body - 50lb enamel


Publication trim size: 8.75" x 10.75"


Live area: Minimum .375" from trim


Line screen: 150 line required


Materials due date for print:  The 10th of each month.


Material Required:

PDF/X-1a: 2001. Graphic images resolution should be at least 300 dpi and converted to CMYK, minimum 150 line screen. Bitmap images and QR code resolution must be 1200 dpi.

Laser proofs are for content only.


Preferred Media:

Email or FTP.  Files submitted via FTP require a PDF for proofing. PDF/X-1a files can be e-mailed to For additional information, contact the PreFlight Department.


4-Color Specifications

Density: Total density of all colors combined in any one area should not exceed 300%. Only one solid color should be used in any one area.


Colors Available

Publication prints standard 4-color process. PMS colors will be converted to the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 profile. Metallic and PMS colors are printed at additional cost.


Composition by Publisher

At advertiser's request, publisher may perform a specialized range of design, digital and media services in-house.  Services may include the creation of advertisements, typeset in display material, ad alterations, etc. The advertiser will be billed $125 per hour. Proofs will be provided upon request to the advertiser if production deadlines are met.


Send advertising materials to:


Bleed or oversized advertisements:

Acceptable in ads 1/2 page and larger. Dimensions for bleed ads other than those listed above available on request. Full page and spread: All ads must extend 1/8" beyond the trim marks. Note: Vital advertising material matter should be kept at least 3/8" away from binding and trimming edges. Bleed ads will trim 1/8" from all sides. Keep bleed area free of crop and register marks. Advertisers will be billed for alterations or design services requested to any digital ad.

Ad Rates 1x 6x 12x
spread $10,750 $9,675 $8,750
full page $5,950 $5,350 $4,750
2/3 page $4,250 $3,850 $3,450
1/2 page $3,450 $3,150 $2,850
1/3 page $2,750 $2,450 $2,150
1/4 page $2,350 $2,150 $1,950
Product Showcase $600 $500 $400
Classified $150/inch $140/inch $120/inch


Sizes in inches

Supermarket Perimeter and Commissary Insider magazines Standard
(Non Bleed)
With Bleed Trim Size
spread 16 x 9.25 17.75 x 11 17.5 x 10.75
full page 7.25 x 9.25 9 x 11 8.75 x 10.75
1/2 horizontal 7.25 x 4.625 9 x 5.5 8.75 x 5.25
1/2 vertical 3.5 x 9.25 4.5 x 11 4.25 x 10.75
1/2 island 4.625 x 7.5 5.5 x 8.25 5.25 x 8
1/3 horizontal 7.25 x 2.75 9 x 3.875 8.75 x 3.625
1/3 vertical 2 x 9.25 3 x 11 2.75 x 10.75
1/4 vertical 3.5 x 4.625
Product Showcase 3.5 x 2.75
*Note: Supermarket Perimeter and Commissary Insider are the same size. Trim for both is 8.75 x 10.75.. Live area is a minimum of .375" from the trim. Please contact your sales representative for full specifications.

Sizes in millimeters

(Non Bleed)
Trim Size With Bleed
spread 406.4 x 234.95 450.85 x 279.4 444.5 x 273.05
full page 184.15 x 234.95 228.6 x 279.4 222.25 x 273.05
1/2 horizontal 184.15 x 234.95 228.6 x 139.7 222.25 x 133.35
1/2 vertical 88.9 x 234.95 114.3 x 279.4 107.95 x 273.05
1/2 island 117.475 x 190.5 139.7 x 209.55 133.35 x 203.2
1/3 horizontal 184.15 x 69.85 228.6 x 98.425 222.25 x 92.075
1/3 vertical 50.8 x 234.95 76.2 x 279.4 69.85 x 273.05
1/4 vertical 88.9 x 117.475    

Rate Protective Clause

All advertising contracts accepted are subject to change in rate upon notice from the publisher. Contracts in force at the time of announcement will be honored for up to 12 months from the effective date of the change. Contracts may be canceled at the time the change in rates becomes effective without incurring a short rate adjustment, provided the contract rate has been earned up to the date of the cancellation.


Payment Terms

Invoices are dated the day first copies are mailed. Full payment is due upon receipt. Yearly contracts paid in advance earn an additional discount. Cash discount is not allowed. Advertising rates for individual ads will be confirmed with the foreign currency rate of exchange at the time the order is received. All payments to be made in U.S. currency by check or transfer.



15% of gross billing allowed to recognized agencies on space, color, bleed and position, provided account is paid in full within 60 days of invoice date. Commission is not allowed on other charges such as reprints, production costs, conversions, typesetting or special binding and trimming. Publisher reserves the right to waive commission if payment is not received in full within 60 days of invoice date.



An advertorial is a sponsored article or commercially written editorial feature. An advertorial may be written in-part or in-total by the editorial staff or may be produced by the sponsors. Size of advertorials ranges from one to 24 pages. Contact the publisher for rate information.


Frequency Discount

Rates are straight frequency based on the number of insertions, regardless of size. Non-contract advertisers must earn frequency discounts before reduced billing will occur. Advertisers will be rebated if, within a 12-month period from the date of the first insertion, they have used sufficient space to earn a lower rate.


Publisher's Protective Clause

All advertising orders are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of the current rate card. Advertiser and advertising agency agree to assume all liability for content including, but not limited to text, illustration, representation, trademarks, labels or other copyrighted matter of advertisements printed or the unauthorized use of any person’s name or photograph arising from the publisher’s reproduction and publishing of such advertisements pursuant to the advertiser’s or agency’s order. The publisher reserves the right to reject, discontinue or omit any advertising or any part thereof. This right shall not be deemed to have been waived by acceptance or actual use of any advertising matter. All advertising is subject to the publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject advertising which he feels is not in keeping with the publication’s standard. Publisher reserves the right to place the word “advertisement’ with copy which in the publisher’s opinion resembles editorial matter. Publisher is not liable for delays in delivery and/or nondelivery in the event of Acts of God, action by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes whether legal or illegal, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slow-down or any condition beyond the control of the publisher affecting production or delivery in any matter. Rates & Specs



728x90 pixels

300x50 pixels (mobile size)




728x90 & 728x200 pixels

300x50 pixels (mobile size)



640x480 pixels

$2,300/per week


300x250 pixels




300x250 pixels




300X250 pixels





All materials must be received 10 business days prior to the launch date.



File Size: 200k Maximum


Format: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, and 3rd Party Tags. If submitting 3rd Party Tags for a leaderboard, separate tags are needed for desktop and mobile sizes.


HTML5 is acceptable only if submitted via 3rd Party Tags. Flash (SWF) is not accepted. For video ads please speak to your sales rep about pricing.


Resolution: 72 dpi

Color depth: 8 bit (256 colors)

Ads with white backgrounds must have a visible 1-pixel border.


  • Dimensions are 640x480 (width x height in pixels)
  • The Interstitial Ad will display for no longer than 15 seconds and then disappear automatically.
  • The advertiser can either include their own functioning "Close Window" button or one can be set within Open Adstream to display, but one must be present.
  • Any audio in the ad must be User Initiated (on click)
  • The Interstitial Ads will serve to each site user no more than once per day.
  • File format: GIF/JPG.
  • Maximum File Size: 200K
  • 3rd party tags are not accepted
  • Submovie Loads: Initial movie only. No submovie loads allowed.
  • Frame Rate: 20 frames per second maximum.
  • Animation: The movie and all associated elements can animate for a maximum of 10 seconds, after which the unit should pause for 5 seconds at the final frame. Animation any longer than a total of 15 seconds will be cut off.


  • Format Category: In-Page Video Units
  • Format (WxH): 300x250 pixels
  • Max Initial Load File Size: 40KB
  • Additional File Weight (Polite Download): 1.2MB
  • Audio Initiation: User Initiated (on click)
  • Maximum Animation Length: Anything up to 15 seconds
  • Controls: Control – "Close X", Play, Pause, Rewind, Volume
  • Font: 16 pt
  • Web Site Labeling & Other Items: Label – "Advertisement"

Digital Edition Rates & Specs


Supermarket Perimeter MONTHLY SPONSORSHIP

Wide Skyscraper (Digital Edition) & Banner (Digital Alert E-mail)

160x600 & 468x60 pixels


Supermarket Perimeter SPONSORSHIP + VIDEO

:60 seconds




All materials must be received 10 business days prior to the launch date.



  • In the digital edition Nxtbook platform: 160x600 pixels; 200k maximum; JPEG, PNG
  • In the digital edition email alert: 468x60 pixels; 50k maximum; JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF




*Wide skyscraper ad and video/intro page do not appear on mobile/HTML5 versions of digital edition.

Slideshow Rates & Specs




Slideshow Specifications



All materials must be received 10 business days prior to the launch date.


Ad sizes:

   • Medium Rectangle - 300x250 pixels, 50k maximum.

   • Leaderboard - 728x90 pixels, 50k maximum



JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, Internal Redirect and Video.



72 dpi.


Please email ad materials to


Newsletter Rates & Specs


All materials must be received 10 business days prior to the launch date.




  • File Size: 50k Maximum
  • Format: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF. Animated GIFs only display the first frame in Outlook versions 2007 and newer. If you are submitting an animated GIF, please be sure your logo and most pertinent content is on the first frame. 1x1 tracking pixels are not accepted for newsletter ads.
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Color depth: 8 bit (256 colors)

Supermarket Perimeter Daily



728x90 pixels - desktop

300x50 pixels - mobile


Medium Rectangle 1:


300x250 pixels


Medium Rectangle 2:


300x250 pixels


Sponsored Message:


Image: 200x130 pixels

Logo: 100 pixels wide

Title: 55 characters

Description: 150 characters

Supply click-thru URL. Do not include a call to action such as “click here” in your message. The title and image will link to your URL.


Eblast Specs


HTML only. JPEG, GIF and PDF are not acceptable file formats.

(Code generated from MailChimp, Constant Contact and other similar email services are not accepted. It is a violation of their policy to use their code other than through their service. This code also does not render properly outside of their email service)



All materials must be received 10 business days prior to the launch date.





  •  Use tables, not divs.
  •  We recommend a maximum of 600 pixels width. It can be as long as you need it to be.
  •  All links must be coded into the HTML file.
  •  Full image paths in the code must be used (ex: and images hosted on your server.
  •  Do not use Flash, Rich Media, Javsacript or Image Maps. The use of Image Maps does not allow our system to track clicks.
  •  Links can only be tracked for web addresses. Links to "mailto" addresses can not be tracked.
  • Text should be coded as HTML text rather than imbedded in images.
  • For additional e-blast design tips, click here.



  •  Specify the subject line.
  •  Seed lists: Specify the email addresses of those who need to receive the proof and also who should be included on the final launch.
  •  Submit both HTML and back-up text versions (include text that appears in graphics).

Webinar Specs

Sponsors are responsible for finding their speakers and presenting the webinar. We will provide one of our knowledgeable editors to moderate your event.



 PowerPoint file

 Webinar Title

 Webinar description, 50-100 words

 Date and time of webinar

 Speaker’s names, titles, photos and short bios

 Company logo

 Photos or imagery relating to topic



Send all webinar materials to


Sosland Publishing Company helps you market and present your event to our unique database. Webinars typically run 1 hour: 45 minutes with a PowerPoint presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A.



  • Your webinar will be promoted in the following ways:
  • A dedicated registration page
  • Full-page advertisements in bake magazine
  • 3 special e-mail blasts to our qualified e-mail lists
  • 1 month promotion on our online webinar listing page
  • 1 month of advertising on
  • 1 week of promotion in our daily and weekly enewsletters as well as social media
  • 2 special event e-mail reminders sent to registrants



  • A complete list of all registrants and attendees to contact directly
  • A report of the questions submitted during the Q&A session
  • Your webinar will be archived online for one year.



  • Private chatting window for speakers
  • Option to provide downloadable resources to the audience
  • Poll Questions
  • Surveys
  • Videos




  •  File format must be PPT or PPTX
  •  Only one master slide is permitted
  •  Slide deck should be no more than 50 Mb in size
  •  The first slide animation must be set to start on click
  •  Slide transitions are not supported. Break out all animations into separate slides.
  •  Embedded objects (ie. Audio, Excel, Video, etc.) are not supported



  •  Type size smaller than 17 point type
  •  Embellished type (type with shadows, bevels, or special effects)
  •  Textured or gradient backgrounds
  •  Slide numbering on the slide Header, Footer, or Master slide



  •  Your presentation should have a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio
  •  Use larger font sizes than you would normally
  •  Use simple design elements and solid color blocks
  •  If you plan to insert screen-capture images in your PowerPoint, it is very important that you reduce screen resolution to
  •  800x600 or 800x450 pixels in order to keep the content legible. Also, reduce the color depth to "High Color (16- bit)".

Perimeter Food Safety (Monthly)



728x90 pixels - desktop

300x50 pixels - mobile


Medium Rectangle:


300x250 pixels


Sponsored Message:


Image: 200x130 pixels

Logo: 100 pixels wide

Title: 55 characters

Description: 150 characters

Supply click-thru URL. Do not include a call to action such as “click here” in your message. The title and image will link to your URL.




  • 1,000 words maximum
  • 4 photos maximum (vertical or horizontal); 72 dpi, 635 pixels wide



  • Image: 300x225 pixels
  • Teaser text: Maximum 145 characters with spaces


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